About Us

The Green Living Planet was established in June 2011 with the aim of conserving the environment and supporting community development projects by providing aid and assistance to Tanzanians, not in form of money, food, clothing or equipment, but in the form of shared knowledge and expertise. The Green Living Planet offers fun and affordable short and long-term projects in Arusha, Tanzania for local and international volunteers who passionate about environmental conservation and making a difference.



To promote environmental conservation, sustainable development and human welfare and advancement by bringing basic education and awareness about both environment and life at large to Tanzanian people.


General Information

The Green Living Planet specifically focuses on environmental and educational projects in five key areas:

  1. Tree growing, planting and teaching.
  2. Sustainable gardening.
  3. Access to clean water.
  4. Permaculture.
  5. Environmentally – conscious Women’s Development Projects.

We begin our projects at specifically targeted, high – need schools in Tanzania. In our experience, children are often the ones that lead change. By starting with the students, The Green Living Planet has successfully created a program that reaches beyond the school, improving the standard of living for all member of the community.

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